Who are we?

The Brussels Education Center registers on average 9000 language students each year. More than 80 teachers are committed to providing our students with excellent courses. Our language center is located on Brussels University (V.U.B.) campus, but courses can be attended at other locations such as Huis van het Nederlands Brussel, K.A.E. Hiel or at our campuses at Pleinlaan 9 and 11 and Triomflaan 174 near metro station Delta.

Our Mission

We broaden language skills and cultural horizons by offering innovative courses and pedagogical support to students from Brussels and Flanders. We aim at excellence and professionalism in teaching languages and culture.

Teaching languages

Our language classes focus on topical subjects, communication, functionality, co-operation, are task-based and taught in the target language. We offer a coherent high-quality learning path ranging from level A1 to C1 of the Common European Framework and encourage differentiation, ICT skills and mentoring.

Teaching culture

Acquiring language skills is inextricably linked to cultural understanding and social competences. We embrace cultural habits and show interest in both the world of the target language users and the cultural patrimony found locally in Brussels.