Online appointments

School year 2018-2019

I am a BEGINNER, don’t speak the language and I don’t have prior knowledge of the target language:


FRENCH – ENGLISH - SPANISH – ITALIAN - GERMAN: Online registrations are available from Friday November 23, 2018.

I have some prior knowledge and want to take the placement test to determine my level:


Did you know?

- Enrolment is closed as soon as classes are full.
- After taking the test(s) you can enrol immediately in the available classes.
- You are kindly requested to pay the enrolment fee at once. If not, you will need to make a new appointment by which time classes may already be full.
- If you already have a certificate or diploma you still need to make an appointment on our website and you will be invited to enrol at the office the day of your appointment.
- After making an appointment you will automatically receive confirmation by email which will state the time and place chosen by you.
(* please check your Spam folder to look for the confirmation if you don’t find it in your inbox)